Flexibility in your supply chains to address change

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Supply Network Scenario Mapping

The power of large buyers Change is happening in international trade lanes caused by disputes between countries. These changes can impact supply chains, making items more expensive or more difficult to obtain. Many supply chain professionals have experience of negotiating with large customers. They are likely to use their buying power as leverage to try and extract lower prices, longer … Read More

Warehouse and Distribution locations in growing cities

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Cities and links

Development of cities It is likely that millions of people will move to cities over the next 30 years, but deliveries of their supplies will be constrained by the design of each city, traffic congestion and limits on vehicle use. So, where will warehouses and distribution centres be located? The April 2019 edition of National Geographic magazine discussed the design … Read More

Supply chain scenarios and effects of climate change

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Petrochemical pollution

Climate change and your organisation Regardless of your organisation’s business sector, climate related physical events and government policy will increasingly affect your supply chains – suppliers, customers, your facilities, transport, power supply, telecommunications and your employees. As discussed in the previous blog, addressing climate change risks for your organisation requires strategic choices. Mitigation of climate change can be achieved through … Read More

Climate Change and supply chain options for the future

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Climate change warning

Climate change challenges Managing Risk is about investing knowledge into future events. It is therefore preferable to anticipate future risks for action to protect the business, rather than attempting to overcome unexpected challenges when they occur. Climate Change is a challenge receiving increased media attention, but with varied responses from politicians and business. Climate Change impacts are associated with rising … Read More

Trends and thoughts about supply chains in 2019

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Markets and trends

Trends viewed in categories In business, a trend can refer to a business model, a process or a technology. However, a trend will only be of more than passing interest if it could directly impact your business and people. Based on articles written by various commentators, trends in supply chains for 2019 can be grouped into four categories: Channels of … Read More