Our website enables you to learn about logistics and supply chains, together with all the inter-related topics that make up this exciting and intriguing discipline.

Roger Oakden writes all the material included on this website. It is based on his extensive experience in industry, consulting and education.

Learn About Logistics is a site for anyone who wants to learn more about the ever-changing world of Logistics, Supply Chains and Supply Networks – professionals striving for a better understanding, students who want to be ahead of the class and those with an enquiring mind who need to know.

Learn About Logistics provides an effective learning platform for all managers, staff and students.

The free logistics and supply chain blog posts, eBooks, tools and courses enable knowledge to be quickly understood.

Any information provided by Learn About Logistics can be used; all we ask is that you provide recognition with the appropriate reference incorporated into the processes of an enterprise or learning in a class.

All learning modules are independent of each other and can be used as the basis of a learning program developed for educators, training professionals and consultants.

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