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The objective of Logistics is ‘To satisfy customer needs by providing availability and the reverse flow of items, through the time-related positioning of internal and external resources, at the lowest total cost’. Supply Chains and Supply Networks are the means through which this objective is attained.

Logistics, Supply Chains and Supply Networks are critical elements in the success of organisations and countries.

Learn About Logistics is a free blog and training resource for professionals striving for a better understanding, students who want to be ahead of the class and those with an enquiring mind who need to know.

It is designed to provide current, useful and practical information about this vital discipline, improving your knowledge and understanding.

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Roger Oakden - Owner and Developer of Learn About Logistics

Roger Oakden is the designer and developer of Learn About Logistics. Having initially identified a need for jargon-free information presented in a readable form, he co-authored the textbook A Framework for Supply Chains. He believed that the concepts and ideas generated in the book should be freely available to a wider audience – and so Learn About Logistics was developed.

Roger’s extensive background as a practitioner, consultant and educator in Australia, Asia and England uniquely qualifies him to provide the valuable information available on Learn About Logistics ... Read More

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