The total cost of your low cost items may be high

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Calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Know the Total Cost of Ownership for items. Are you thinking about outsourcing the manufacture and delivery of a product, or renewing a current outsourcing contract? For manufacturing items, you may think of China or other countries in north or south east Asia. Why? because production costs are considered to be lower. Labour costs are still a dominant feature when … Read More

Buying from low cost countries has supply chain risks

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Another case of problems with international suppliers. Companies that buy items internationally, which become products sold through retail stores have many risks. A big risk is that the media, including social media, will uncover any misdeeds and ‘cutting corners’ by your business and your international suppliers. And you will get all the publicity you do not need! Examples of problems … Read More

In your supply chains do you have partners as suppliers?

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Partnerships rarely exist in business. A major supermarket retailer in Australia has been accused by the regulator of ‘unconscionable conduct’ against suppliers, due to the power it can exercise. The retailer’s buying power meant that it could aim for a ‘no risk’ approach to selling. It set a profit target for each category; if the retailer did not achieve the … Read More

Working in procurement – be able to sell

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A view of Procurement. Is procurement (you can call it supply, purchasing or acquisition) just about sourcing and buying materials, goods and services? Well no – to be an effective procurement organisation and meet the targeted business outcomes requires more capabilities than sourcing and buying. What about selling? Procurement should do this both internally and externally. Inside your business there … Read More

Procurement can cost money

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Obtain value. Its difficult to be pure when under pressure. In the best of situations the role of procurement is obtaining value for your organisation when acquiring externally supplied goods and services. This sounds reasonable, except when procurement professionals are under pressure to meet time deadlines or price objectives, then objectives can become hazy. I read about this type of … Read More