Making your supply chains really effective takes time

Roger OakdenLogistics Planning, Procurement

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Productivity as a part of your business. Achieving substantial improvements to the supply chains and logistics of your business is not a five minute exercise. Productivity improvement always involves managers actually managing; that is, allocating resources to achieve the desired outcomes. And that can mean people changing their role in the business or being retrenched – always a difficult exercise. … Read More

Data accuracy, not technology improves your supply chains

Roger OakdenLogistics Planning

Too much emphasis on technology ‘solutions’. Do you remember the hype about RFID a few years ago. Well, it is starting again with the Internet of Things; also called Machine to Machine (M2M). RFID was going to revolutionise the world of business, but didn’t and the same will likely occur with M2M. The hype cycle identified by the Gartner Group … Read More

Your supply chains will suffer with the wrong business forecast

Roger OakdenLogistics Planning

Believing business forecast for your company. This week I read of a company supplying materials into the American building and construction industry which has severely overestimated the strength and speed of the national recovery in building activity. The CEO forecast and the Board accepted that US housing starts would rise by between 15 and 18 percent against the previous year’s … Read More

Forecasts can mess with your logistics

Roger OakdenLogistics Planning

Forecasting helps you to be less wrong. In our personal lives we would be reluctant to identify what we will be doing in three month’s time, over the period of a week. Yet, we are quite willing to identify a single point figure as the sales for an item over that same week in three month’s time. Why is it … Read More

Resources ­­- the new challenge in your supply chains

Roger OakdenLogistics Planning

Using less resources in your business. Reducing the amount and value of non-renewable resources through your supply chains will be the coming challenge for management and will require the skills and knowledge of procurement and logistics professionals. For more than a century, until the early 2000’s, the price of hard commodities (except oil) and energy had trended down, but since … Read More