Technology devices can improve Logistics operations

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Logistics Operations

Logistics applications and the future. The objective of Logistics systems is to enable the time related positioning of resources that will provide availability of goods and services for customers. Integrated ERP systems are designed to achieve this, but users are dependent on the software company’s design specification and upgrade cycle to achieve the objective. Meanwhile, changes continue in supply chains, … Read More

SNAP Apps Improve Supply Chain Analysis and Planning

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ERP Integrated System

You cannot manage supply chains. At the heart of an effective supply network is your IT system. As supply chains become a more critical part of successful businesses, so responsibility for the effectiveness of the supply network will rest with the supply chain vice president/ director/manager. Changes in the business climate will continue to force changes in business models; with … Read More

ERP systems may not give your business all the answers

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Gather transaction data

Working within complex systems. Supply chain planners should be able to access more than transaction data from company IT systems.  There is streaming data from instruments and unstructured data from the Internet. These are in increasing amounts; but can your current ERP system turn this additional data into information that is of value to planners? The selection and implementation of ERP … Read More

Does Logistics Play a Part in Your Capital Investments?

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Capital equipment in your business

Reduce spending in your business. Are ‘savings’ in maintenance expenditure real savings? In a future time, when the original decision maker has moved to another job, additional expenditure will be required to keep the items or equipment operational. A recent court case in Australia found an electricity utility guilty of causing a devastating fire that killed a number of people … Read More