A strategic Supply Chain model for your organisation

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Logistics strategy in Supply Chains

No supply chain view in your business strategy. Does your organisation have a strategic business plan that incorporates the supply network? If the answer is no it is not surprising, because few companies have a strategic plan that includes this critical part of the business. The reasons often put forward are: The three elements that should be the core of … Read More

Assess your supply chain risks before taking action

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Assess your options

Your assessment of risk. The main difference between uncertainty and risk is that risk can be measured. Once measured, decision makers can assess the importance of one risk against another and if necessary, allocate resources to reduce either the likelihood of the event occurring or the consequences if it does occur. The assessment of a risk is influenced by the … Read More

Placing your supply chain risks into categories helps

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Known from Unknown approach

Next step in managing risks. In addition to identifying supply chain risks within each classification, discussed in my previous blog, you need to broadly categorise them. This provides a view about the amount of analysis required. There are categories of risk between certainty and ignorance: Certainty: in reality, you rarely meet situations of certainty. The closest could be depositing money in … Read More

Manage risk in your supply chains and reduce stress

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Risk management chart

Your interest in supply chain risks. Managing risk is a continual process of identification, analysis, assessment and implementation. Attached to your organisation’s One Plan should be the risks in achieving the Plan and management’s actions to counter the risks. It is preferable to anticipate potential problems, rather than overcoming disruptions after they have occurred. Supply chains are uncertain (and therefore … Read More

One Plan approach ensures more effective supply chains

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One Plan for success in planning

Your One Plan. Running around to ‘put out fires’ and reacting positively to challenging events looks good as a ‘can do’ attitude. Unfortunately, it is an ineffective and expensive way to operate; instead, try planning. Planning is based on the ‘one plan’ approach – to be truly effective, your organisation must have only one plan. But, to be successful, all affected … Read More