Speed the flow of money in your supply chains

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Global network

Know more about your money flow. Aiming to be ‘excellent’ through the supply chains in which your business operates, requires that you address the three flows of each supply chain. A logistics professional is expected to know a lot about the flow of items, be they materials, components or finished products. Increasingly there is an expectation that knowledge of information … Read More

What is best – cut costs or improve your supply chains?

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Cut costs in your supply chains

Cut costs to get a better business I read this week of more businesses cutting costs – a copy of what so many businesses do when the going gets tough. This may gain favourable articles in the business media and shows shareholders that management is doing something. In addition to retrenching employees, favourite cost reduction actions are to: outsource non-core activities … Read More

Where are your total supply chain costs shown?

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Supply chain view of P&L statement

Challenges with traditional accounts. Are your senior management aware of impact that total supply chain and logistics costs have on the business? Do they view sales revenue as more important to the business? What are you and your colleagues worth? Traditional accounts do not provide much help for these questions, for accounts are designed to be used by external investors, banks … Read More

Think about Supply Chains and Logistics as Strategic

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Innovation in supply chains and logistics

Innovation in your supply chains. You cannot cut your business to glory. There comes a time when being smarter is the better option. After some seven years of hearing and reading about re-organisation and retrenchment as a solution to business challenges, is it the right time to invest in smarter supply chains? This thought was triggered by a recent report … Read More