How digital should be your supply chain skills?

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Digital skills in supply chains

Skilled or knowledgeable The previous blogpost discussed the appropriate opportunity to invest in ‘new’ technologies for supply chains. But what skills are needed to buy, implement and use the technologies? A recent paper titled 21st Century Procurement Skills strongly emphases digital skills, but is this the correct approach? The author identifies the core skill required as “Solid, explicit digital knowledge…”. … Read More

Final delivery of parcels challenges in supply chains

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Delivery vehicles for eCommerce

Final delivery is not profitable Recent on-line orders for the home address of Learn About Logistics have not been delivered at all; delivered to an incorrect address or not delivered on-time. And only one had an immediate communication concerning the error. Based on articles and social media comments, these experiences are not uncommon. But, as consumers are reluctant to pay … Read More

Support reduced Lead Time expectations with Inventory

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Improvement projects

Internal flexibility and responsiveness. Promotion of eCommerce has increased the expectations of shorter lead times and quicker deliveries of products. This could influence perceptions about lead times within many supply chains, irrespective of their reliance on eCommerce channels of distribution. The most recent posts have identified that improvements to your supply chains will occur mainly within the core supply chains … Read More

Improving supply chains takes time so improve Logistics

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Growing the business

Threat to Outbound Logistics. For most businesses, internal Logistics is where supply chain professionals maintain the balance between inbound and outbound Logistics. But what success can be expected from working independently from other functions? Inbound Logistics can experience change caused by the effects of decisions by suppliers, service providers, natural emergencies and external (i.e. government). However, an increasing threat of change … Read More

Supply Chains for management of intermediate products

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Agile supply chains

An intermediate product. In commercial supply chains, supply chains can take different forms in response to the needs of particular markets. It is a role of logisticians to evaluate the supply chains and structure them to best meet the needs of their markets. The previous blog discussed the situation of a franchise based fresh food services business and the need … Read More