New knowledge and skills for people in Supply Chains

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Scenario planning

Your organisation’s Supply Network Changes to global and regional supply chains are currently occurring through actions by national governments rather than market forces. This could influence how supply chain professionals approach their understanding of an organisation’s extended supply chains and decisions to modify or change business relationships. Your organisation’s Supply Network reflects the political, business and physical environment in which … Read More

Flexibility in your supply chains to address change

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Supply Network Scenario Mapping

The power of large buyers Change is happening in international trade lanes caused by disputes between countries. These changes can impact supply chains, making items more expensive or more difficult to obtain. Many supply chain professionals have experience of negotiating with large customers. They are likely to use their buying power as leverage to try and extract lower prices, longer … Read More

Final delivery of parcels challenges in supply chains

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Delivery vehicles for eCommerce

Final delivery is not profitable Recent on-line orders for the home address of Learn About Logistics have not been delivered at all; delivered to an incorrect address or not delivered on-time. And only one had an immediate communication concerning the error. Based on articles and social media comments, these experiences are not uncommon. But, as consumers are reluctant to pay … Read More

Warehouse and Distribution locations in growing cities

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Cities and links

Development of cities It is likely that millions of people will move to cities over the next 30 years, but deliveries of their supplies will be constrained by the design of each city, traffic congestion and limits on vehicle use. So, where will warehouses and distribution centres be located? The April 2019 edition of National Geographic magazine discussed the design … Read More

Supply chain scenarios and effects of climate change

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Petrochemical pollution

Climate change and your organisation Regardless of your organisation’s business sector, climate related physical events and government policy will increasingly affect your supply chains – suppliers, customers, your facilities, transport, power supply, telecommunications and your employees. As discussed in the previous blog, addressing climate change risks for your organisation requires strategic choices. Mitigation of climate change can be achieved through … Read More