Implementing new technologies in your Supply Chains

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New technologies light bulb moment

How long before technologies become mainstream? A Marketing measure of acceptance for a new product or concept to be accepted as ‘mainstream’ is adoption by more than eight percent of the potential market. For example, despite all the hype, on-line shopping by consumers in Australia has yet to reach the magic percentage. Similarly, how long will it take for new … Read More

Fit your organisation within a supply market

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Risk in Procurement

Analyse risk in your supply markets. Risk analysis is a major part of Procurement and evaluating risks in a supply market is a core element of Supply Market Intelligence (SMI). Previous posts have discussed Procurement Strategy and the role of Supply Market analysis to develop SMI for your organisation. This post considers the framework for risk analysis of a supply … Read More

Know your supply markets through research and analysis

Roger OakdenProcurement, Supply Chains & Supply Networks

Supply markets knowledge

Obtaining a better deal. Developing a skill in Supply Market Analysis should have the same level of importance within your organisation as obtaining quality-end user market intelligence. While there is an established body of knowledge concerning end-user market research used by marketing departments, supply market research undertaken within Procurement remains a rare situation. But, the capability to negotiate a satisfactory … Read More

Know your supply markets for best Procurement outcomes

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Know your supply markets

Procurement structure. A need to understand the flow of items, money and information for the Supply Chains that connect to your organisation has featured in previous posts. Of equal importance is to understand the markets for items purchased by your organisation; each supply market is a source. Understanding your organisation’s supply markets is an integral part of the Procurement Strategy … Read More

Logistics future, events and changing trade lanes

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East Asia

The future is not far away. Changing your Logistics patterns usually occur when it has to be done – but that is when your competitors are also likely to be changing their Logistics. With more businesses competing for the new environment, prices increase. The alternative is to think ahead and consider what could happen and whether changes to your business … Read More