Region, not global, supply chains for future trade

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Global to Region Supply Chains

Supply chains will change. Commentators typically use the term ‘globalisation’ when describing international trade; however, the actual situation is a gradual reduction in global trade and growth in intra-region trade. Therefore, as in the past and over time, supply chains will change. Decisions concerning change to supply chains are influenced by at least four factors: geography; regional development; existing and … Read More

Change your Supply Chains in 100 days

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Time in Supply Chains

Geopolitics and Supply Chains This is the challenge for some Supply Chain professionals in Britain and Europe. While a supply network for an enterprise is aimed at achieving a least total cost situation, national governments can take action or reach agreements that may negatively affect an organisation’s supply chains. Prominent examples in the media through 2018 have been the renegotiation … Read More

Supply Planning starts the flows in your supply chains

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Justify your existence

Procurement and its role. Selling products and services builds a market and your business; effective supply chains enhances customer satisfaction and increases the profit margin. Increases in the profit margin requires that flows of items through your supply chains are planned and managed by an effective organisation structure, able to address the improvement initiatives necessary in competitive markets. The structure of … Read More

Improving supply chains takes time so improve Logistics

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Growing the business

Threat to Outbound Logistics. For most businesses, internal Logistics is where supply chain professionals maintain the balance between inbound and outbound Logistics. But what success can be expected from working independently from other functions? Inbound Logistics can experience change caused by the effects of decisions by suppliers, service providers, natural emergencies and external (i.e. government). However, an increasing threat of change … Read More