Procurement using digital to be a strategic function

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Improve from the basics

Repetitive tasks are poor in Added Value When repetitive tasks are automated, the staff working in Procurement have time freed to focus on analysis and decisions that can add value, unlike tracking purchase orders. In your organisation, what percentage of purchase orders raised in Procurement must be changed before the items are received? Typically, this will require repetitive tasks in … Read More

Logisticians able to think ahead about supply chain risk

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Climate change warning

Logisticians have a dual role. First, to effectively and efficiently provide availability of items for customers. Second is to think ahead about the potential disruptions to the organisation’s supply chains and how to mitigate the risks. With the second objective, Logisticians are dealing with unknowns, which are difficult to evaluate, both in supply chains and the wider environment. Complex Adaptive … Read More

Asia Supply Chains to benefit from new trade agreement

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Negotiation Agreement

Asia Region trade initiative The newly discovered importance of Supply Chains means that professionals can be expected to advise senior management and boards of directors concerning the longer-term supply chain influences on their business. One of the influences is a move away from globalisation to a greater focus on regions and sub-regions. Region development in Asia has been advanced with … Read More

Using Cloud technology for Supply Chain applications

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Global network

Selecting the type of Cloud application Cloud computing is a valid technology approach for transmitting data and information through supply chains, but do not commence the discussion from the view of cost savings. Instead, evaluate the risk factors for your organisation to enable identification of the total cost. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a favoured business model among application … Read More

Collaboration for strategic parties in a supply chain

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Sales and Logistics

Internal and external collaboration Collaboration is a term often used in articles that discuss Agility and flexibility in supply chains, requiring digital tools that enable data and information to be exchanged between contracting parties. In addition, the current pandemic has resulted in government requirements for people to work at a distance from others. This has accelerated a trend for employees … Read More