What is best – cut costs or improve your supply chains?

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Cut costs in your supply chains

Cut costs to get a better business I read this week of more businesses cutting costs – a copy of what so many businesses do when the going gets tough. This may gain favourable articles in the business media and shows shareholders that management is doing something. In addition to retrenching employees, favourite cost reduction actions are to: outsource non-core activities … Read More

Management by Walking Around is not that Difficult

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Management by walking around

Your focus – metrics or observation. As a business gets larger, the challenge for managers is whether to only believe the performance measures (metrics) presented or to also take notice of the views from staff and customers. If only metrics are considered, managers are entering dangerous territory. I have been reading about a major retailer in Australia that relied on … Read More

Does Logistics Play a Part in Your Capital Investments?

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Capital equipment in your business

Reduce spending in your business. Are ‘savings’ in maintenance expenditure real savings? In a future time, when the original decision maker has moved to another job, additional expenditure will be required to keep the items or equipment operational. A recent court case in Australia found an electricity utility guilty of causing a devastating fire that killed a number of people … Read More

Maintenance is a cost saving Logistics role

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Lack of maintenance can cost your business. What do governments and the community do after a disaster? The first response is to rebuild, with little thought given about how the new facilities will be maintained or how the future maintenance will be financed. This can also happen in companies when new facilities and equipment are purchased to address a need. … Read More

Logistics is a big discipline

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The basics of logistics is easy to understand. A colleague told me this week that Logistics is simple – pick it up, move it, put it down. But, as he said, it gets more difficult when you consider what must operate successfully, so that the simple tasks are not a waste. Some years ago there was a video about waste … Read More