Technology devices can improve Logistics operations

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Logistics Operations

Logistics applications and the future. The objective of Logistics systems is to enable the time related positioning of resources that will provide availability of goods and services for customers. Integrated ERP systems are designed to achieve this, but users are dependent on the software company’s design specification and upgrade cycle to achieve the objective. Meanwhile, changes continue in supply chains, … Read More

Your Supply Chains group will affect Working Capital

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Working Capital is available money

Be noticed at board level. To ensure the board of directors at your business take notice of Supply Chains and Logistics, the board must review financial performance measures that are the responsibility of the supply chain group. The most applicable measures are: cash flow, working capital and return on investment (ROI). Of these, working capital  and its derivative, the cash … Read More

Measure your Customer Service through Logistics

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Empty shelf at supermarket

Achieving the perfect order. An empty shelf at a supermarket results in dissatisfied consumers, less sales by the retailer and if the item is not available at the retailer’s warehouse, then questions of the supplier, For logistics, the overriding requirement of your customers is that each of their orders is a ‘perfect order’. A perfect order means: the initial customer … Read More

What is best – cut costs or improve your supply chains?

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Cut costs in your supply chains

Cut costs to get a better business I read this week of more businesses cutting costs – a copy of what so many businesses do when the going gets tough. This may gain favourable articles in the business media and shows shareholders that management is doing something. In addition to retrenching employees, favourite cost reduction actions are to: outsource non-core activities … Read More