Climate Change has external costs for Supply Chains

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Variability in supply

Change will happen in supply chains by 2030 An earlier blogpost concerning Climate Change and Supply Chains, provided an outline for action by businesses. A new urgency has been provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA) report Net Zero by 2050 released in May 2021. This report states that investment in fossil fuels should stop from 2021 and that substantial … Read More

Terms used in Supply Chains give the wrong perception

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Strategy Pyramid Stack

New terms and perceptions The disciplines that engage with supply chains receive a continual upgrade to their vocabulary. New terms are added and promoted without much thought about their meaning and more importantly about perceptions by executives at the peripheral of supply chains. An example has been the recent use of the term Command and Control in relation to obtaining … Read More

eCommerce supply chains have many future challenges

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Urban delivery

eCommerce is not different It is generally accepted that after reaching eight percent of the target market, a new product, idea or process gains general acceptance. In 2020, eCommerce broke through that barrier across many countries, due to COVID19 generated demand, although the take-up diverged widely. Unfortunately, there are assumptions that eCommerce, using advanced IT applications and automation, is different … Read More

International Trade and effect on Supply Chains by 2030

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One Plan for success in planning

‘Normal’ trade and supply chains Due to the pandemic and the inability of businesses engaged in supply chains to quickly respond, international trade has been disrupted. The expectation is that trade flows will return to ‘normal’ by the end of 2021 (but it may take until mid-2022). However, will ‘normal’ continue to be the same? Currently, about 70 percent of … Read More