Inventory is a calculated and managed Logistics asset

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Cut costs in your supply chains

Inventory is an asset Logistics is the science and art of providing availability of items for users. Inventory is all the items purchased and/or made by a business but not yet sold. A core part of the logistician’s role (in a brand company or at a 3PL) is to optimise the amount of inventory within a shipper (or brand owner) … Read More

Realities in the adoption of Supply Chains technologies

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Supply Chain Analytics

IT needs of different groups Supply Chain professionals must be aware of current and new technologies that can improve the movement and storage of goods, but also be aware of the realities concerning adoption and implementation. Each group in a supply chain (shippers, LSPs and product sellers) has a role in many supply chains, but their technology needs will differ, … Read More

Reducing Power and Dependency in Supply Chains Cloud

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Business plan thinking

Risks when relying on the Cloud Data and information have value, so organisations need to ideally own, manage and control their supply chain data and information. But this can be a challenge in a Cloud based IT world. The continual message about ‘partners’ and ‘partnerships’ in business can hide the fact that suppliers are in business to make a profit. … Read More

Logistics analysis: total cost of holding inventory

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Inventory depends on analysis and planning

Lowest Total Cost of Inventory Calculating the cost of holding inventory is typically not available in supply chain applications. But this is one of the required inputs for establishing and maintaining an Inventory Policy. Approaches to determining the amount of inventory needed to satisfy customer expectations range from a ‘rule of thumb’ approach such as ‘order X weeks of stock … Read More

Container ports congestion and delays in supply chains

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Swanston Dock Melbourne Port Australia

Visibility by Logistics Service Providers The wish for visibility through supply chains has risen in surveys over the past twelve months. However, the current congestion and delays at some ports illustrate that whenever the movement of items is controlled by Logistics Services Providers (LSPs), there is a limited range of options for the shipper. Even if you are aware or … Read More