How do you explain logistics?

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Things said on television. I have been watching the TV series Planet Word, hosted by the British entertainment personality, Stephen Fry. In the most recent episode he was discussing an advertisement for a job in which the word logistics was used. The speaker asked Stephen Fry if he knew what  the term meant; to which Stephen responded “it has to … Read More

Your forecast of sales is wrong

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One number is not accurate. In a recent article, economist professors at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School made an honest statement about their forecasts of the American economy “Truth be told, our best guesses just aren’t very good”. Should this comment also be said by those engaged in forecasting future sales for their business? In making their forecasts more … Read More

How you can take trucks off the roads

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Locate logistics services centres for effective freight movement I wrote a client report in 2005, providing justification for a logistics hub in the west of Melbourne. Last week, on March 28, an article in the Melbourne Age newspaper caught my attention . It announced the alliance of a commercial property developer and a logistics services provider to operate and further … Read More

You learn logistics through education and training

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How is your work experience recognised? A short article about recognition by universities of student work experience in the Melbourne Age newspaper discusses the shortage of qualified people. It argues this is due to a reluctance by universities to recognise experience and so provide credits in relevant subject areas. The vocational sector recognises experience through a recognition of prior learning … Read More

Why should you learn about logistics?

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Your business and supply chains Logistics and supply chains have been a part of business for centuries. It is the increased trade between developed and developing countries over the past forty years that has magnified the importance of understanding supply chains and their effects on the logistics flows of your business. A supply chain is the linking of organisations and … Read More