Customer Service in Logistics is more than a job title

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Home delivery

Customer Service experiences The traditional customer service statement continues to be true: ‘customers tell 5 people when they experience good customer service and tell 13 people when customer service is bad’. A move to new premises is a project, with firm dates allocated to multiple businesses, so customer service is critical. The recent move to new premises by Learn About … Read More

Operations Planning for variable and smaller demands

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Inventory depends on analysis and planning

Changing expectations To allow for ‘Unknowns’ in an economy and to carry a lower risk profile, organisations are likely to make their buying and supply decisions to cover a shorter time horizon and to order in smaller quantities. The pandemic has changed expectations of what can be achieved in a short period. The most visible example is the speed at … Read More

Drivers for your Supply Chain strategy of the future

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Make a decision

Views on the future Although the COVID 19 infection rate continues to rise in many countries, there are moves to open economies. This has prompted discussions about possible changes to the business models of commercial enterprises. Helpful input to your thinking about options for supply chains is a recent survey ‘Emerging out of the pandemic supply chain report” conducted by … Read More

Structure national Supply Chains for strategic products

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Goods & Services – Technology

A strategic (or critical) product or material The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted a lack of availability for personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare; also, in some countries there has been shortages of imported replacement parts and consumer products, following panic buying. From a national viewpoint, a strategic sector is critical for a country’s ongoing economy, national security or public … Read More

Reality of Adaptable, Agile and Flexible Supply Chains

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Disruptive Technology

Is there enough inventory? Commentators are writing that post-COVID 19 supply chains will become more adaptable, agile and flexible, but is this a true reflection of what is possible? The terms are interchangeable and incorporate meanings of ‘willing to change’, ‘versatile’, ‘move quickly and easily’, ‘think and understand quickly’ and ‘well coordinated’. The terms can also be used by management … Read More