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Experience how
our online training
modules are
designed and
how easy it is to
Learn About Logistics.
  • The Author

    Roger Oakden | Learning Developer

    With my background as a practitioner, consultant and educator, I am uniquely qualified to provide practical learning in supply chains and logistics. I have recently co-authored a book on these subjects, published by McGraw-Hill.

    As the program Manager at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, I developed and presented the largest supply chain post-graduate program in the Asia Pacific region, with centres in Melbourne, Singapore & Hong Kong. While at the University I was appointed for two years as the Ford Motor Company Procurement Fellow.

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    Roger Oakden | Learning Developer
  • Logistics Book

    A Framework for Supply Chains –
    Logistics Operations with an Asia Pacific Perspective

    Throughout the book written by Roger Oakden and Katia Leonaite and published by McGraw-Hill, we consider supply chains and the application of  logistics operations in the Asia Pacific region, addressing issues that are not included in books written for the North American or European regions.

    Read more about the book...

    A Framework for Supply Chains (Australian/NZ Edition)
    A Framework for Supply Chains  (Asia Edition)
  • Careers in Logistics

    What is Logistics?

    What do you think of when the word is mentioned?  Is it a truck?  The word appears on the side of so many trucks.  It seems the term has been taken over by the transport sector.  While transport, distribution and warehousing are most definitely a part, they are only a part.

    It is a challenging and rewarding area to work in; but there are different types. These respond to differing demands and priorities, depending on the needs of customers.  Careers in this field can therefore cover multiple types, all industries and organisations and be global in scope.

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  • Write for Us

    Write For Us

    Have you written a book, or do you have an idea for a one concerning an aspect of supply chains or logistics, but publishers consider the prospective audience to be small?  You can publish your manuscript as an eBook through us.

    We make it easy for you to be published, giving you a fair, quick payment when a copy is purchased. Most importantly, you retain the Intellectual Property (IP) in your work.

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